How Do We Fit Work and Life Together in a Way That’s Sustainable Through Covid and Beyond

Working from home, schooling from home, lack of physical boundaries between work and life…Some are finding work life balance a challenge while others are thriving.

Listen in to the expert advice from Cali Yost who’s helping companies and individuals create successful flexible work scenarios.  She share specific strategies you can use to create a work life fit that works for you.  Hear success stories and get inspired to create a sustainable schedule for yourself, your family and your career.

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Additional resources mentioned in this episode:

I’ll be back next month with an inspiring and knowledgeable guest talking about diversity and inclusion.  Stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s to you making a great living!

“Work Life fit is something you control and you can make happen what matters most to you.” – Cali Yost 

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  1. craig zabransky

    Another great episode… I always love to hear those success stories, especially in these times… Plus, I really appreciated your guest ….I truly believe you can better obtain work-life-fit when your work “fits” in with your life’s purpose and it’s fun (always needs to be fun for me)…. but a separation at times is always needed too….

    stay producing inspiring content, Craig

  2. Blanca Santolaya

    Very interesting. A fresh breeze in your words.
    Thank you both

    1. Maggie

      Thanks for listening Blanca and for your comments. Hope it helps you find your work life fit!

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