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Making a Living with Maggie

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Maggie’s proven approach to your ideal career.


Understand the elements of your ideal career (which I break into 9 specific areas) and brainstorm new career possibilities.


Leverage tools like informational interviewing and volunteer projects to test out the possibilities and look before you leap.


Craft a career strategy by laying out the short and long-term steps required to make your ideal career a reality.


Maintain the proper attitude and tap-into Maggie’s support network designed to help you remain positive as you achieve your desired career goals.

Workbooks and Coaching Resources


Workbook: Soul Search

Uncover the nine core elements that make-up your ideal career.

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Workbook: Research

Gather information and test out new career possibilities. Determine the right fit before you make the leap.

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Workbook: Job Search

Formally go after the career you’ve envisioned, whether a new job or your own business. Even plan for a fun, interesting retirement.

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3 Workbook Package

Gain clarity, confidence and direction as you use Soul Search, Research and Job Search insights to chart a new course.

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