Corporate & Executive Coaching

Monthly Retainer Package:

Executive Development Package:

  • 7 one-hour sessions conducted in 2-3 week increments over the course of 3 to 4 months.
  • Typically 3 sessions are spent on Communication and Conflict Style Assessment, 3 on Goal-setting, Action planning and Following-through and 1 facilitated meeting with the executive and his/her leader to review and gain leadership support on the communication, conflict management and career development plans of the executive.
  • Each session involves pre-work including exercises or assessments relating to communication style, conflict style, goal setting and action planning. All relevant materials are provided.
  • Sessions are completed via phone and in-person (where possible). In-person sessions are ideally used for the first and final sessions with phone sessions being most effective in between.

Outcomes of Executive Development Package:

  • A clear understanding of the executive’s communication style and conflict style as well as strategies to flex and adapt his/her styles to work most effectively within the organization.
  • Alignment of the executive’s career goals with corporate goals in the form of a customized career development plan including measurable career goal(s) along with short-term and long-term action steps to achieve the desired goal(s).
  • My executive career coaching clients tell me that the see significant improvement in executive’s ability to work effectively with others and witness a deeper sense of commitment and engagement by the executive to his/her work within the organization.

To determine if executive coaching is for you/your organization, tell me more about the executive’s career needs and goals.