3 Workbook Package

For you or someone you love…complete the entire Soul Search, Research and Job Search process to have a clear path to your ideal career as well as solid decision-making and Mindset frameworks to keep you happy and satisfied. Gain clarity, confidence and direction as you use your Soul Search, Research and Job Search workbooks to gain insights to make smart career decisions.  Gift certificates also available.

Workbook: Soul Search

Over 30 pages of proven exercises coupled with Maggie’s unique coaching commentary help you uncover the nine core elements that make-up your ideal career and define new and exciting career possibilities.

The Soul Search workbook can be bundled with a 30-Minute Group Session, as well as a 60-Minute Private Individual Session.

Workbook: Research

Packed with how-to advice and templates to help you craft your own custom Research strategy, this workbook helps you gather information and test out new career possibilities so that you can determine the right fit before you make the leap.

The Research workbook can be bundled with a 30-Minute Group Session, as well as a 60-Minute Private Individual Session.

Workbook: Job Search

Use the exercises, advice and templates in this workbook to focus on the short and long-term action steps to formally go after the career you’ve envisioned, tested and concluded will be a good fit for you (and the elements of your ideal career.)

The Job Search workbook can be bundled with a 30-Minute Group Session, as well as a 60-Minute Private Individual Session.

NEW Personality Pattern Assessment

Do you want help identifying your unique career gifts? Are you wondering if your personality is a match for your line of work? Do want to feel confident that you are on the right career path? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the Five Elements Personality Pattern Assessment is for you!

Can be purchased as a standalone item or as a compliment to your Soul Search, Research and Job Search! Clients have found the patterns ring true and many experience a-ha moments as they learn their patterns. Purchase your Personality Pattern Assessment today and get the key to unlock a career that fits! Click the button below to learn more and sign up.

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Coaching with Maggie

Not doing work you love? Unhappy in your current job?  Wasting time on the wrong path? Solve your career challenge with expert advice from someone who’s been there.  Maggie can help you or someone you love get to the heart of the matter & move forward with confidence and peace.  Purchase a 60 min session now.   Gift certificates also availableRead what others have to say about the impact of Maggie’s coaching.

Career Change Group Coaching

Have clarity on your ideal career, be sure of your next career move before you make the leap and confidently take steps to attain the career you’ve envisioned.  Maggie’s Career Change Group Coaching program will support you at a fraction of the cost of working with her one on one. This unique program will take place virtually during months 1-5 and end with a 3-day in person retreat* in the Florida Keys in month 6!
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Mastermind Subscription

Changing your perspective could change your life and career for the better!  Join Maggie’s Mastermind Group and get a positive support group for your career.  Further your career needs and goals with 3 consecutive monthly 75-minute group teleconference sessions and one 30 minute private session.  New groups are started every quarter so join now!  When you do, you’ll open your mind to new possibilities and approaches to your career and get the benefit of many minds supporting you.

Career Empowerment Webinar

Experience exercises I use in my proven Soul Search, Research and Job Search process.  Whether you (or someone you love) are just starting out or aren’t happy at work, you will gain tips and tools to feel enabled and empowered to change your life by creating your ideal career.  Download or gift 50 minutes of career inspiration!