My career coaching approach starts with helping you get clear on your ideal career through Soul Search, followed by investigating career possibilities with the necessary Research and then undertaking a targeted Job Search. Obtaining and maintaining the proper career change Mindset for positive career change is also a crucial part of the career change process.  Share your career needs and goals with me to learn how this career change approach can work for you.

Soul Search

You need to understand the elements that make up your ideal career which I break into 9 specific areas: your top interests, key motivators, skills you want to employ, ways you want to contribute/find purpose, top strengths and talents, your best qualities, the best work environment, activities you get the most enjoyment from, and salary & benefits. By working through exercises and self-reflection questions we prioritize what’s most important to you and brainstorm career possibilities that match the elements of your ideal career.  Check out the Soul Search workbook.


Once you understand which career possibilities will work best for you, it’s important to gather the facts about those careers and test them out. Tools like informational interviewing, Internet research and volunteer projects can help you look before you leap. It is crucial to know if you really like a career before making the transition.  Check out the Research workbook.

Job Search

The job search phase focuses on the short and long-term action steps needed to make your ideal career a reality. It includes updating your resume, building new credentials and experience, and presenting yourself well in your new career.  Check out the Job Search workbook. 


As you will see, also critical to the success of any change is understanding and obtaining the proper mindset. The proper attitude and support network will enable you to remain positive and achieve your desired career needs and goals. Learn more about my monthly mastermind program.