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Participants have called my mastermind program – a great “touchstone” and “A fabulous support group for staying on track and reaching your goals!” Participants experience immediate benefit: “After our call I was inspired and excited; I dove directly into prep work for a new project!”

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Don’t wait, purchase your subscription now and get the monthly mastermind program with or without an individual 60 minute session. Contact me with any questions.  I’m a career consultant and operate remotely from all over the country. Something as simple as changing your perspective could change your life and career for the better!

Mastermind Group details…

  • For the mastermind program, you will further your own career needs and goals with 3 consecutive, monthly 75-minute group Zoom meeting sessions (can be purchased with or without an individual 60 minute coaching session.)
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  • As a career consultant, I will present a new topic each month to help you master the right mindset to enable you, encourage you and support you in achieving your career goal(s). Example topics include: Regaining focus, Committing to follow through, Asking effectively for what you want, Saying no to the good so you can yes to the great, and Transforming your inner critic.
  • Each call will consist of not only an inspiring topic, but also a feedback forum where people can take center stage to get the group’s collective brain trust to focus on his/her goal or challenge.

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