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Our conversations have helped me feel so much better.  I needed to talk through things with someone who could talk back.  You really changed my mindset about how I’m feeling about my job!  I feel a renewed energy.  I was uncomfortable delegating but now see that people around me are happy and empowered.  I was doing all of those things and could’t do them as well as they are being done now.

I’m definitely glad I worked with you. You helped me get past some of my inhibitions and look at potentials I would’ve never considered. That’s a big step forward because I didn’t think I’d ever leave TV. I’m a much happier person now and can do things that were impossible for me before.

I greatly enjoyed participating in Maggie’s Mastermind program. Connecting with others seeking a new professional path and sharing our experiences and insight gave me a fresh look at my own job search and provided me with action steps to implement. I found the perfect job and am so happy to have had Maggie’s help!

Maggie, you have proved to be an incredible resource for me. Your method put a great amount of structure to help me on the path to achieve my goals. It also helped to open my eyes that other opportunities and paths are readily available to me. Always willing to share helpful articles, podcasts, and tapping into connections in your own network to support my professional development, was immensely helpful. Your unbiased outlook and suggestions helped me to navigate situations that set me up for success.

Maggie is very experienced with helping folks make a career change and aligning their life values with their career. She’s fluid and intuitive in how she approaches her coaching, and I learned quickly its best to follow her instincts. I can’t think of a single time she pushed me on something that wasn’t valid to explore. She’s really skilled in this way, and I always felt our meeting times were efficient and a great use of time. She also has a great memory and is able to jump right into the meat of an issue or topic without fluff.

I met Maggie at a time when old professional habits and limiting mindsets were very much holding me back from who and what I wanted to become. Maggie first helped me tap into my natural rhythms and intuition, which were in direct contrast to how I had been working, and that breakthrough provided me with an ease and peace that I had not had for a long time. Maggie then helped me take what was a small vision for my future self and expand it into a potentially world-changing one. Finally, Maggie helped me think strategically about assembling the pieces of my vision as opposed to trying to build it all myself. If you are looking for the gift of ease and peace in your work and support in defining and achieving bold, ambitious visions, I highly recommend Maggie!

“Maggie is like the wise, candid friend you can always rely on for sound advice – the kind of advice that stretches your thinking. Maggie offered to make helpful connections in her network and she shared some valuable articles of professional interest, as well. Thanks, Maggie!”

Maggie helps ensure coaching discussions lead to action. In following up from a session, she provided a concise recap that helped summarize key points from our session and more importantly, the key next steps I needed to take towards my goals. Definitely worth the investment.

I would not be where I am today had I not had your guidance. I set a goal and you helped me accomplish it, which I’m very grateful for. Thank you, Maggie.

I liked the set up you had of Soul Search and Research before Job Search as it allowed me to figure out the right path and industry I wanted to go into, as well as the work life balance and salary expectations that were the right fit for me. Had I not gone through those two steps first, I may have landed in another industry that did not fit my lifestyle and then I would be back to square one of switching jobs again.

You were also willing to be flexible around my schedule, such as meeting briefly for 10 minutes here and there, breaking the last couple of sessions in half to extend our time together, and doing a video call instead phone call as that helped me stay more engaged during our conversations.

I also appreciated being able to utilize your vast network.  You really helped me realize the importance of networking and staying in contact with the network, even if it is just once every weeks.

I have known Maggie for almost 30 years and have worked with her at various times over the last 6. Maggie’s greatest strength is being able to quickly get to understand who you are, your strengths, and your motivations, and really use that knowledge to help you. While you will ultimately have to do the work, and it may take a while to get out of your own way, you can trust her to act as your guide in the process to get you to where you want to be. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a job or career change.

Maggie was incredible at challenging my way of thinking that prevented me from landing where I wanted to be. She helped me unlock my strengths in a way other coaches were unable to. Her approach to career is refreshing, flexible, and deep-rooted in real experience. I would highly recommend Maggie to anyone who needs help drastically improving their life and career experience.

When I first spoke with Maggie I new that she would be the perfect fit as a coach. The guidance provided helped me change the way I was thinking from a state of career confusion to clarity on my next career choices that would enable me to fulfill my purpose. The structured course coupled with Maggie’s knack for understanding her clients needs and tailoring her approach to help them advance was highly impactful. At the end of the sessions I was provided with a summary portfolio that included all of the key discussions throughout the coaching process which I can leverage throughout my journey of transition. This process has been life changing and I look forward to continually applying the key skills that I have learned.

I’m starting a new job on MONDAY!  I’m very excited..the company was on my original list that you suggested I make last summer of companies I wanted to work for!   I hadn’t thought about this until just now, but it’s kind of amazing how many of the desired job aspects I identified during my [soul] search fit this position [including a] fast-moving, a fun and congenial atmosphere.  So I’m very confident that the role will be a good fit.  I did A LOT of networking [and got] practice interviewing with other companies so by the time I got to [this one] I felt super prepared and I feel good that I ultimately got hired there entirely on my own merit. I’m even getting a small raise from what I’m making now…which I didn’t think would be a possibility…they’re paying me above the salary band they had allotted for the position because they wanted me so badly!

Huge thanks again for challenging me to push myself out of my comfort zone during this process and really look deep into myself to understand what would make me happy and fulfilled. I’m really thrilled about this opportunity!

Thanks so much for your continuous encouragement and support over the last several months.  I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for me, pushing me to look inwardly at what truly makes me happy, professionally and personally, and seeking opportunities that align with those passions.  You are a master at your craft, and I feel very fortunate that our paths crossed.

Thank you, Maggie, for bringing clarity of thought to my life and to my work. I have a greater sense of purpose and passion through our work together, and I’m forever grateful to have met you and experienced your genius!

I would like to thank you for all your time, effort and care towards me achieving my goal. It was truly a pleasure working with a professional and person like you. You made me realize that there is a job out there that will need my talents/skills while making me happy and realized.

I took Maggie’s career seminar and found it to be an extremely insightful and profound learning experience.  It just one hour, she helped us come up with concrete ways to become more meaningfully connected to our jobs.  She is an expert at helping identify the obstacles and coming up with ways to move beyond those obstacles and into the careers and lives of our dreams.

It was my pleasure to meet Maggie two weeks ago at a session hosted by my company. I went into the session with similar expectations to others I’ve attended – doesn’t hurt to join, and it’s always good to pick up a thing or two and network overall. I came out of it pleasantly surprised and happy I was able to get more out of it than I could have imagined. Maggie’s style is perfect, and her approach well-received. She commands the respect of the room, while at the same time respects the room and every thought that comes out of it.

Thank you for everything and for being so patient.  You’ve been so helpful  – just even talking things out has helped.  My internal dialogue can go around in circles sometimes.

Maggie, that was [a] tremendous [coaching session on career blocks]!  Spectacular really! I wanted a supernatural breakthrough and I got one! Wow!  The shift was palpable – I felt it – a physical and energetic shift occurred. It was BIG…[Update a few months later from Donna]…Thank you for inspiring me to look at my current work in a new and larger way. I have been feeling so fulfilled and joyful and having huge fun at work. I [also] got a lot out of your last two podcasts which has made me rethink my desires and ambitions. I love it!

Maggie is the most incredible career coach! I worked with her ages ago when we both were at Martha Stewart. She stood out there for her positivity and brilliant thinking. Years later we connected because I knew she would be an amazing resource for career advice. The conversation we had was so inspirational! She has an uncanny ability to quickly understand where you are in your life and career and make recommendations that somehow you never even considered before.

Maggie has been an incredible source of guidance to me for nearly a decade. She has helped me navigate through asking for raises, being laid-off, announcing my pregnancy at a brand new job, considering a career change, etc. You can say anything to Maggie without feeling judged. I would recommend Maggie to anyone who is looking for an unbiased, well-informed source of inspiration and knowledge. Every time you speak to her, you’ll walk away feeling like you’re on top of the world…and ready to tackle any challenge ahead of you!

“Six months ago, I wasn’t comfortable having an elevator pitch conversation b/c I didn’t know what to talk about.  I was afraid to go on a networking lunch.  But now, my point of view has completely changed.  I’m more excited about my career than I’ve ever been.  It’s been a huge confidence builder and pulled the dark clouds away.”

“You have always provided me with a 360 degree view on things – and it has been invaluable to me.  I know when others work with you, that you will help them see options they have not yet unearthed.”

I feel great.  Because of the [Soul Search, Research and Job Search] work we’ve been doing, I have more job leads popping up.  When I tell friend about the work I’m doing with you, people want to hear me. I am able to use it as a conversation starter to bring up opportunities and ideas that may involve them and they want to help!  I feel like I’m gaining traction.

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