Not doing work you love or even like?

Bored in your current position? Using work as a means to an end? Not proud or fulfilled? The first step in finding work you love is clarifying the elements of your ideal career. Through my services, you will be able to match your interests, abilities and passions with meaningful and satisfying career possibilities.

Unsure of your next move with too many interests?

Jack of all trades, master of none? Afraid to commit and limit your options? Think one career could never accommodate all your interests? To find the right career, you have to realize your job search isn’t limited to what’s out there. Through my services, you will creatively determine career possibilities that work for you and gain confidence in taking the right next steps.

Not taking the next step at a career crossroads?

Want to change fields but afraid to lose your lifestyle? Thinking of becoming a free agent but not ready to take the plunge? To obtain your ideal career you have to address the barriers that are holding you back. Through my services, you will be able to categorize your blocks into facts and feelings and develop strategies to overcome them and start moving forward.

Wasting time on the wrong career path?

Afraid of where you’ll end up in 5 years? Feel your career decisions are made for you? Don’t have the skills to change fields? You will need to develop a plan of action to focus on where you want to go with your career and get there. Through my services, you will strategize how to transfer your experience, move forward, and not lose ground in your career advancement.

If any of these career dilemmas resonate with you,
you can become one of those people who look forward to Mondays by working with me.

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