I’m starting a new job on MONDAY!  I’m very excited..the company was on my original list that you suggested I make last summer of companies I wanted to work for!   I hadn’t thought about this until just now, but it’s kind of amazing how many of the desired job aspects I identified during my [soul] search fit this position [including a] fast-moving, a fun and congenial atmosphere.  So I’m very confident that the role will be a good fit.  I did A LOT of networking [and got] practice interviewing with other companies so by the time I got to [this one] I felt super prepared and I feel good that I ultimately got hired there entirely on my own merit. I’m even getting a small raise from what I’m making now…which I didn’t think would be a possibility…they’re paying me above the salary band they had allotted for the position because they wanted me so badly!

Huge thanks again for challenging me to push myself out of my comfort zone during this process and really look deep into myself to understand what would make me happy and fulfilled. I’m really thrilled about this opportunity!