For me, Maggie you were just the right combination of positive with a tough love edge when I needed it. You really helped manage our sessions as my life unfolded. I also know that I benefited from your videos, often repeating, and now, my mantra, “if you think your dream is unrealistic, stop, because it’s not.” And from SMART GOALS “if you do nothing, nothing will change”.  As a coach Maggie weathers and stays the course with you. She even knows when you need to take a break and take care of yourself. Her “search” process is one of self discovery dedicating the majority of the time to your soul search. That’s where I was truly able to unlock my passions.  One word of advice to those waiting on saving enough to take the leap…that money cushion doesn’t matter. It all boils down to the action you take. Really ask yourself, how am I taking action? Ask it in the mirror!  I am at the onset of a new dream.  I am proof you can put your passions to work! Thank you Maggie!