Newspapers 2010

 The Wall Street Journal re: Avoid the Summer Slump

Maggie’s Published Articles

  • Career Path column Whole Living Magazine – July/Aug 2010: How to Unplug on Vacation
  • Career Path column Whole Living Magazine – June 2010: How to Defuse Tension With Your Boss Before You Say Something You Regret
  • re: Banish Dreaded Mondays with a New Career Model
  • re: When Leaving Your Job is the Best Career Strategy
  • re: Get a Life Not a Job
  • re: The Role of Women & Work
  • re: Stop Talking Yourself Out of Opportunities
  • re: Job Honeymoon Over? Get It Back
  • re: To Do List Got You Down? Celebrate What You’ve Done
  • re: Do You Need to Go Back to School?  Maybe Not
  • re:Networking Lesson-Stay In Touch With Former Coworkers
  • re: Career Inspiration from Mom
  • re: Find Your Purpose
  • re: Managing Up Without Managing Out
  • re: The Facts of Freelancing
  • re: How to Lose the Assistant Rep
  • re: Making It as a Manager
  • re: Onramping as Opportunity
  • re: Landing Your Dream Job in a Recession
  • re: (Career) Change is Good
  • re: Calling All College Grads
  • re: Moms Returning to Work
  • re: Taking Smart (Career) Risks
  • re: Job Hunting Tips for College Students
  • re: Career Change to Fit a Life Change
  • re: How to Ask for a Raise
  • re: Don’t Job Hunt, FIND Your Next Job
  • re: Helping a Friend Who Is Unhappy at Work
  • re: Persuade Anyone About Anything
  • re: Are Work Sabbaticals a Good Thing?
  • re: Becoming a Career Power Couple
  • re: Stay-at-home Mom Hits a Career Crossroad
  • re: What Kind of Networker Are You?
  • re: Finding Joy in Your Career
  • re: Career Flexibility for Busy Bees
  • re: An Easier Way to Land Your Next Job
  • re: Wedding Day Bliss
  • re: A Fun Side to Unemployment
  • re: Making a Living AND Making a Difference
  • re: Going for More Than a Paycheck
  • re: You Are What You Speak!
  • re: A New Approach To Figuring Out Your Dream Job
  • re: Dealing with Fashion and First Impressions
  • re: Dealing with a Difficult Boss
  • re: Experienced Career Changer vs. A College Grad
  • re: Using Facebook at Work
  • re: The Best Interview Thank You
  • re: Where to Start When Updating A Resume
  • Jungle Campus magazine re: Watch Your Step (Gender Stereotypes at Work)


  • Shape Magazine, Feb 2009 re: How to Love the Job You’re In
  • Body & Soul Magazine, Nov/Dec 2007 re: Living the Good Life – How to Follow Your Dream
  • Body & Soul Magazine, October 2007 re: Thinking on Your Feet

Newspapers 2008

The Boston Globe re:Working the Network (columnist Maggie Jackson)

Newspapers 2007

Newspapers 2006

  • NY Newsday re: Corporate Survival Strategies (columnist Patricia Kitchen)
  • NY Newsday re: Holiday Party Damage Control (columnist Patricia Kitchen)
  • NY Post re: A Working Vacation (writer: Rob Medich)

Newspapers 2005

The Boston Globe re: Summer Networking (columnist Melanie Nayer)

Websites 2009

Websites 2008

  • re: Turning a Layoff into a Positive
  • re: Jazzing Up Your Resume
  • re: Giving Serendipity a Chance
  • re: Meaningful Holiday Giving
  • re: For Solo Business Owners, No Holiday Slowdown



  • January 2009 Administrative Professional Today re: Are You Be-Your-Own-Boss Material?
  • August 2008 Execunet Career Smart Advisor re: Uplifting Employees During Down Times
  • May 2008 Execunet Career Smart Advisor re: The Over 50 Career Marketing Plan
  • August 2007 Execunet Career Smart Advisor re: Job Offer Dealbreakers
  • March 2007 Execunet CareerSmart Advisor re: Tips for the Transitioning Executive
  • Dec 2006 Execunet CareerSmart Advisor re: Career Resolutions for Any Time of Year