Newspapers 2010

 The Wall Street Journal re: Avoid the Summer Slump

Maggie’s Published Articles


  • Shape Magazine, Feb 2009 re: How to Love the Job You’re In
  • Body & Soul Magazine, Nov/Dec 2007 re: Living the Good Life – How to Follow Your Dream
  • Body & Soul Magazine, October 2007 re: Thinking on Your Feet

Newspapers 2008

The Boston Globe re:Working the Network (columnist Maggie Jackson)

Newspapers 2007

Newspapers 2006

  • NY Newsday re: Corporate Survival Strategies (columnist Patricia Kitchen)
  • NY Newsday re: Holiday Party Damage Control (columnist Patricia Kitchen)
  • NY Post re: A Working Vacation (writer: Rob Medich)

Newspapers 2005

The Boston Globe re: Summer Networking (columnist Melanie Nayer)

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