Maggie, you have changed the trajectory of my life.  You empowered me to make firm decisions and stick with them.  You emboldened me to stick up for myself and put myself first.  You taught me to navigate through difficult situations with grace.  I am more of myself now than ever before because of you.

I cannot imagine where I would be right now if we had not worked together.  I might still be in school but I wouldn’t have the mindset that I have now.  I wouldn’t have appreciated all the possibilities that are out there to take advantage of.  I wouldn’t be so excited to live my life!

Thank you also for letting me take my time as we worked through the process.  I know I needed more time session to session than most of your clients, but going through the process slowly was important for me to get everything out of it.  I was so mired in the work situation I was in, that it took a lot of time to “right the ship.” There are so many factors to consider when making a change – salary, colleagues, family, opportunity cost, etc. It took time for me to sort each of those out one by one and I very much appreciated your patience.