I took Maggie Mistal’s workshop series on ‘How To Find Your Life Purpose By Reconnecting To Your Inner Wisdom’ at the Open Center in New York City a few months ago. At that time, I was creating the intention to shift to a career which aligned more with my soul’s purpose, and this workshop came as a blessing at the perfect time. It gave me a chance to structure my career search, connect with my heart and figure out what my true calling is (or at least, get closer to it!), get over my fears, develop confidence and create an action plan.  During the course, Maggie took us through several introspective exercises, while encouraging a great deal of interaction, which made each session fun and insightful. We discovered core elements for our ideal career (as I learned, each person has their own set of motivating factors), articulated what our gifts, interests and passions are, and created vision statements for the kind of career we wanted to manifest. Each week, we had homework, which led to a lot of introspection and clarity in what we truly valued. Maggie also shared exercises to remove our fears, and create more harmony between the head and the heart. Based on her urging (and part of the action plan), I was motivated to reach out to people to schedule informational interviews; and I began to think outside the box, in terms of possibilities of creating my own career. She also gave useful advice on how to transition between careers.  Even a few months later, I am still referring to Maggie’s exercises, and I can see her compassionate and confident face, motivating me to continue to do the work I love.  I would highly recommend taking Maggie’s courses on finding one’s life purpose and identifying a career that resonates with our hearts. I would also recommend her as a coach and mentor, to anyone thinking of shifting their careers.