I was fortunate enough to start listening to Maggie on SIRIUS 112 at a crucial point in my life. It was obvious my job made me miserable but I didn’t know how to end it or if I even should. Maggie’s radio coaching provided the tips, strategies, and inner confidence to upgrade my resume, improve my interview skills, and strive for a job I might not normally have in the past.

I have since landed a “perfect” job for me. I was able to stay within my profession but finally move to an area that fits my skills and personality much better.
We should all realize that we owe it to ourselves to love what we do but Maggie puts on a silver platter and serves it up each and every chance she gets!
I still tune into Maggie on SIRIUS every chance I get to keep improving all my skills and career desires. I think I now have the confidence to begin the process of switching professions and the knowledge to be successful thanks to Maggie’s tips!