I would not be where I am today had I not had your guidance. I set a goal and you helped me accomplish it, which I’m very grateful for. Thank you, Maggie.

I liked the set up you had of Soul Search and Research before Job Search as it allowed me to figure out the right path and industry I wanted to go into, as well as the work life balance and salary expectations that were the right fit for me. Had I not gone through those two steps first, I may have landed in another industry that did not fit my lifestyle and then I would be back to square one of switching jobs again.

You were also willing to be flexible around my schedule, such as meeting briefly for 10 minutes here and there, breaking the last couple of sessions in half to extend our time together, and doing a video call instead phone call as that helped me stay more engaged during our conversations.

I also appreciated being able to utilize your vast network.  You really helped me realize the importance of networking and staying in contact with the network, even if it is just once every weeks.