If Maria Bartiromo is the Money Honey then Maggie Mistal is the Career Dear! Maggie is your dream come true career coach and personality! She is vivacious and charming, funny and smart. Maggie’s work is her passion and her passion is helping people unearth theirs: men and women alike. Maggie asks you the questions you would never ask yourself when faced with professional change or transition. Think you don’t have the answers? Maggie leads you there. She’s tough, too, but always your advocate and there to encourage.

Maggie has also had the career to career experience. She walks the walk when she talks about career and personal risk. She is adventurous and when she is not on safari, you can find Maggie risking more of herself on stage singing cabaret…I dare you not to melt over this career maven’s rendition of “Fever”!
Maggie Mistal is that rare person who comes along once in a career, when you need her most, she guides and inspires. Just like a good coach should!