How it works with Maggie, your Career Change & Executive Coach

  • There will be an initial introductory (20-30 min) phone call to discuss your particular needs and goals and determine a coaching approach that best fits them.  Nearly all sessions are over the phone.  This is invaluable as Maggie can serve people throughout the country (and the world) from anywhere.
  • Based on the introductory phone call, Maggie will recommend a block of coaching calls to support you in meeting your career needs and goals.  The phone appointments are typically 1 hour long depending on specific needs and timing requirements.  The best success comes with the complete Soul Search, Research and Job Search approach. Although, you may book 1, 3, 6, 12 (full process) or more sessions with Maggie over the course of a couple of months or more.
  • Depending upon the approach you choose, you may be given a workbook or binder of exercises.  These exercises help you reflect on the elements of your ideal career and identify a plan of action to research and job search to make your dream a reality. Binders are mailed to you directly in hard copy or made available via electronic download.
  • Each call will be steered deftly to specifically articulate your career desires and priorities.  New career possibilities will also be uncovered and any blocks or fears that may be holding you back will also be discussed.
  • Maggie has a schedule but is flexible when working with her clients.  She offers client appointments during the week & on weekends.  Maggie starts and ends on time.
  • You will find it best if you can find a quiet place to be able to speak freely and discuss your concerns with her as you sift through to discover what you really want to do with your life and career.
  • Be prepared to change your life and find the work you love. It’s possible. See my testimonials.