3 Month Mastermind Group Coaching Program


A core foundation to a great career is a career success mindset.  Join the mastermind career support group and further your own career needs and goals with 3 consecutive, monthly 75-minute group Zoom sessions.

Mastermind group coaching sessions will take place in 3 month increments on topics related to mastering a productive career mindset whether you are looking to advance your current career, change careers or start a new business.

The Winter 2022 Mastermind Series sessions will take place in January, February and March.  Using mindset techniques, participants will focus on powerful approaches to start the new year calm and confident.

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Changing your perspective could change your life and career for the better!  Join Maggie’s Mastermind Career Support Group and further your own career needs and goals with:

  • 3 monthly 75-minute group coaching Zoom sessions on topics to help you master a productive career mindset.

Each mastermind group coaching session will consist of not only an inspiring topic, but also a feedback forum where a participant (or two) can take center stage to get the group’s collective brain trust to focus on his/her goal or challenge.  Session recordings will be available for reference and/or missed sessions.


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