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I started listening to your podcasts last week and they have been so inspirational and amazing. I have been telling everyone I know who is in slump to listen and go to your site. I’ve been on a serious journey the last 1 1/2 years…It’s interesting as I’m truly trying to take my business to the next level and cultivate a different life. Your podcasts have come at a perfect time!

Working with you has absolutely, hands down, been the best gift that I have ever given myself or received. I think differently now. I no longer create barriers and obstacles for myself. I no longer think that I have to have a mainstream career because “that’s what you’re supposed to do”. I know now that we all have different talents and skills and they are there, waiting for us to use them. And I believe, I know, that I can get paid for doing work that I love. My mindset, how I approach things has changed; If you want it, you can make it happen. It may involve hard work, sacrifice, and creativity but it is possible and it is worth it.

You really helped me sort things out and get on the right track.  I thoroughly believe that if I hadn’t heeded your advice, I would not have been able to interview confidently and thus land my new role. My new manager sent me a really nice thank you note about how I’ve just jumped in with little direction and am delivering in the way she hoped I would!  You have a real knack for cutting through the BS and getting to the heart of the matter without passing judgment or making anyone feel badly…you tell it like it is in a constructive/productive manner and lead have the ability to lead us to what we fail to see on our own.  I’m sure I’ll be calling on you again in the future. And please keep doing your radio shows, they are so helpful and inspiring! Thank you again for doing what you do so well 🙂

“Maggie’s show on Sirius XM radio has had a profound effect on my life over the past several years. Since first listening to Maggie, I was motivated to finish my bachelor’s degree and become a registered dietitian. I also started my own company, which I work as CMO for at the moment, and have started a freelance writing career on the side which is picking up steam with each passing day. I also serve on the board of a 501(c)3 nonprofit I co-founded. During the time that Maggie’s show was off the air at Sirius, coincidentally, I was starting to feel as though I was “stuck” without direction and losing steam. Just as I was feeling at my worst, Maggie’s show came back on the air and I couldn’t have been more thrilled! In just a few short weeks of listening, I’ve once again been inspired to actively divorce negativity from my life and have begun to cherish and cultivate what I have and really see what a great position I’m in. In the past few weeks, I’ve been asked to speak at a local university about nutrition, been asked to be a guest on a popular podcast, been asked to write a three-page article for a national publication and have done about a dozen interviews for local media. I truly do believe all of this has been able to occur due to a simple switch in my thought pattern and I can honestly say that Maggie has played a major role in causing that shift to happen through her show. I cannot recommend her inspiration enough!”

Maggie has truly been helpful in guiding & advising me. The whole process has been wonderful. I loved each and every homework assignment; I think this may be the only homework I truly ever liked being assigned! She helped me identify my dream career when I was struggling to decide and helped me map out a plan to get me where I want to go. After my sessions with Maggie I feel more confident in my career path and I am looking forward to seeing my vision statement come to life!

Maggie, you have changed the trajectory of my life.  You empowered me to make firm decisions and stick with them.  You emboldened me to stick up for myself and put myself first.  You taught me to navigate through difficult situations with grace.  I am more of myself now than ever before because of you.

I cannot imagine where I would be right now if we had not worked together.  I might still be in school but I wouldn’t have the mindset that I have now.  I wouldn’t have appreciated all the possibilities that are out there to take advantage of.  I wouldn’t be so excited to live my life!

Thank you also for letting me take my time as we worked through the process.  I know I needed more time session to session than most of your clients, but going through the process slowly was important for me to get everything out of it.  I was so mired in the work situation I was in, that it took a lot of time to “right the ship.” There are so many factors to consider when making a change – salary, colleagues, family, opportunity cost, etc. It took time for me to sort each of those out one by one and I very much appreciated your patience.

This process is extraordinary!  While this experience was sometimes emotional and challenging, the process allowed me to see opportunities. The process allowed me to understand my value and more importantly my potential.

For me, Maggie you were just the right combination of positive with a tough love edge when I needed it. You really helped manage our sessions as my life unfolded. I also know that I benefited from your videos, often repeating, and now, my mantra, “if you think your dream is unrealistic, stop, because it’s not.” And from SMART GOALS “if you do nothing, nothing will change”.  As a coach Maggie weathers and stays the course with you. She even knows when you need to take a break and take care of yourself. Her “search” process is one of self discovery dedicating the majority of the time to your soul search. That’s where I was truly able to unlock my passions.  One word of advice to those waiting on saving enough to take the leap…that money cushion doesn’t matter. It all boils down to the action you take. Really ask yourself, how am I taking action? Ask it in the mirror!  I am at the onset of a new dream.  I am proof you can put your passions to work! Thank you Maggie!

I just wanted to send along my sincere appreciation for giving such an amazing keynote at Caroline’s. Being a graduate student, it seems as if I’ve received so much networking advice over the past six years. However, your talk brought the concept of networking to a much more relevant level. You really understand social media and its power in making us more competitive candidates when we enter the work force. After collecting so much generic advice over the years, it was refreshing to hear someone speak my language and talk about the importance of maintaining an online presence (something I love, anyway) and keeping in contact with networks (something I struggle with, but wasn’t aware of until you mentioned it).

Maggie, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time working together.  You’ve been immensely helpful in guiding me to this point in my life.  You have a true gift for tuning into your client’s psyche and pointing them in the right direction.

You’re tapped into so many different things that you bring an enormous wealth of information to all your sessions, (whether it’s recommending books, or websites, even TV shows!)  It’s apparent that you really want to help your clients find inner joy and happiness.

I often review the notes I took during our conversations.  I enjoy reading all the motivational advice.  What resonates most is learning to look at a situation differently than I’ve grown accustomed to.  This shift in perspective and reaction is really important because everything seems to fall into place that much easier afterwards.

I run a online listserve dedicated to career networking issues for parents in my Brooklyn community. Many of our members were at a crossroads in their career and struggling with work/family balance issues – asking themselves, “What’s Next for My Career?”. Maggie put together a fantastic, spot on presentation that really resonated with our group. The highlight was her “hands on” workshop style. Instead of simply presenting material and sending the participants away with “homework”, she uses the time together to actively explore the topics. The “sound” of 35 people quietly thinking and writing their “Mission & Vision” statements was very powerful. Then, she offered people the opportunity to read their statements and get feedback from her in real time.

Maggie’s presentation was just the tip of the iceberg. Our members were so fired up by the event, a group of 15 people continue to meet monthly to discuss and actively work on their career goals and challenges.

Thank you for leading the “Work Smarter Not Harder” webinar last week as well as leading the networking webinar last February.  Your guidance is invaluable.

I am a 2003 Villanova grad who talked to you a few years ago when I was living in NYC and working for an investment bank  I wasn’t sure of my path, and you were able to help me recognize that whatever it is I want to do I can make happen.  I ended up moving back to Boston and worked for a subsidiary of my employer while finishing my MBA.  I did a concentration in Leadership & Management to guide me down the Human Resources/Organization Development path and am now working at a Fortune 100 corporation in HR…something I have wanted to do for years!  I was able to make the career switch through networking, luck, and preparation.

Thank you again for sharing your story and tips.  They have helped me a lot!!

I love listening to Making a Living!  You and Mario Bosquez host the best shows on the channel.  I just started watching your videos on your website, and they are fantastic as well.

After being laid-off I really had no idea what I wanted to do next. But I was sure it wasn’t what I had been doing in the corporate world for the last 20 years. After lots of soul searching and working with Maggie through her coaching process and assessment tools, we were able to rewire a lot of my thinking that had previously held me captive in careers that were never going to be satisfying to me. With Maggie’s help, I am very happy to say that I am no longer ‘working for the man’ in an office downtown but am, instead, now a business owner who has begun a new career as a custom furniture maker. Thank you Maggie for helping me find the artist and entrepreneur trapped inside of me.

Maggie offers a very well thought out, organized and thorough process in helping her clients determine what their next step in life may be. Her program focuses not only on one’s career, but also ties in personal and family life and how it will effect your future choices as well.  I came away from her program with a much clearer idea of who I am: not only as a business professional, but who I am as person as well.  I would highly recommend Maggie as a career coach to anyone, even those people who are not necessarily “looking for change”.  Her program lays out the foundation of who you truly are, what you really enjoy doing, and offering a plan of action, whether it be 3 months down the road or 10 years.

If Maria Bartiromo is the Money Honey then Maggie Mistal is the Career Dear! Maggie is your dream come true career coach and personality! She is vivacious and charming, funny and smart. Maggie’s work is her passion and her passion is helping people unearth theirs: men and women alike. Maggie asks you the questions you would never ask yourself when faced with professional change or transition. Think you don’t have the answers? Maggie leads you there. She’s tough, too, but always your advocate and there to encourage.

Maggie has also had the career to career experience. She walks the walk when she talks about career and personal risk. She is adventurous and when she is not on safari, you can find Maggie risking more of herself on stage singing cabaret…I dare you not to melt over this career maven’s rendition of “Fever”!
Maggie Mistal is that rare person who comes along once in a career, when you need her most, she guides and inspires. Just like a good coach should!

Maggie was absolutely FABULOUS!  She spoke to the Planning and Development division at my company and she blew the socks off everyone.  The SMART career goal message was clear and practical.  She helped me think about the possibilities again.

Your giving of your time and energy to educate our community was truly appreciated, and your presentation…on identifying and finding a career you love was outstanding…Once again, thank you for dedicating your time and energy for this event.  Because of your efforts, it was spectacular.

I’ve probably done over 150 interviews in the past 6 months since the book was released and I thought yours was among the top two or three. I thought you did an outstanding job!

I underwent a pretty quick climb to Director level in the IT department. I soon realized that my management and leadership skills were very raw and needed much work. Maggie was a huge asset for my success at MSLO. She coached me with one on one sessions. She helped me lay out a personal growth plan for myself and she arranged several courses for MSLO employees for management training. Some of these courses were handled by outside consultants and some others she did herself. Maggie did an excellent job teaching these courses. I know the next time I need coaching and development or if my team needs coaching and development, Maggie would be on the top of of my list for resources and candidates.

You were prepared, spontaneous, we laughed, we had empathy for the listeners, you were gracious yet we covered a LOT in a short period of time. You packed so much into the slot and yet made sure listeners got practical info while being entertained and empowered to feel they can do this.

After two years of deadlines and 15 years waiting to write this book today, well, you made a lot of it worth it and you did it with agility, humility and heart. Bless you.

I heard Maggie one day on Sirius 112 about the self-employed and I am the poster-child for being the over-whelmed, self-employed, driver, bookkeeper, finance manager and way down the list mother/wife struggling with ADD. Maggie, with your knowledge and advice, the avenues that you suggested to me dealing with the bookkeeping right down to the ADD have been….well, I can’t even put a word to it, but things are going so much smoother with the resources you connected me with. I could never thank you enough for the help you have provided me, along with all the people who might otherwise not find out about such great resources.

My sister had been nagging me for over a year to get in touch with Maggie and now I know why. She is one those people that you feel very fortunate to have come in contact with and who leave a very positive imprint in one’s life. Maggie has the uncanny ability to look at things from many perspectives and a depth that most people take a lifetime to achieve. She has really made me think about what is it that I want from my life and career. Her tips and advice are priceless and will take you through any hurdle in your life. They are practical and targeted to the problems. I cannot thank her enough for showing me the light and making me a new confident person.

I had the very good fortune of being a guest on Maggie’s, “Making a Living” SIRIUS XM radio show. Great interviewers AND listeners like Maggie are rare and enable guests like me to shine and be smarter than we really are. Best of all this benefits the listeners who are lucky enough to catch her show.

I had the good fortune to be interviewed by Maggie (on Sirus112) about “The Twitter Book,” which I co-wrote. I did dozens of radio interviews for the book, but Maggie’s really stood out. Her genuine interest in her listeners and her ability to address their concerns with the topic at hand was terrifically refreshing. I’m now a new fan!

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