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I was fortunate enough to start listening to Maggie on SIRIUS 112 at a crucial point in my life. It was obvious my job made me miserable but I didn’t know how to end it or if I even should. Maggie’s radio coaching provided the tips, strategies, and inner confidence to upgrade my resume, improve my interview skills, and strive for a job I might not normally have in the past.

I have since landed a “perfect” job for me. I was able to stay within my profession but finally move to an area that fits my skills and personality much better.
We should all realize that we owe it to ourselves to love what we do but Maggie puts on a silver platter and serves it up each and every chance she gets!
I still tune into Maggie on SIRIUS every chance I get to keep improving all my skills and career desires. I think I now have the confidence to begin the process of switching professions and the knowledge to be successful thanks to Maggie’s tips!

“Maggie is a great career coach that gets results. While personable and easy to talk with, Maggie listens carefully to what you are saying and not saying to gain insights about your next career steps. She is probing without being invasive and easy going but drives to conclusions.She is a real pro and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I had the benefit of having worked with Maggie earlier in her career and knew she was hard working and talented.”

“Maggie presented her “Work Smarter, Not Harder” workshop at PepsiCo in August 2008. She did a wonderful job! I know Maggie in many different capacities – as a Radio Host, Career Coach and L&D Director. Maggie is a confident, inspirational speaker. She empowers others to overcome their fears to attain the job/career they have always wanted. Maggie helps refocus employees’ mindsets to achieve their goals, even in their current roles. What makes Maggie terrific is that she genuinely acknowledges true obstacles and helps devise a plan to work around these obstacles. I whole-heartedly recommend Maggie for your next speaking event. She is easy to work with and consistently delivers a quality product.”

I love all of Martha Stewart Radio and I especially love your show! It gives me insight on myself and my career goals.

“Maggie is professional, committed and personable. She helped me identify and achieve my career goals. Because of her help, I am now in a career where I am passionate, respected and proud of what I do.”

“Maggie’s engaging, interactive and organized presentations provided our alumni with valuable professional development resources and new ways to think about their career goals and strategies. In addition to the formal programs, she continued conversations with many participants well after each event ended. Because Maggie’s presentations attracted a diverse group of our constituents, we were able to present our message in front of alumni who had never attended a university event before.”

“I was amazed at how in the course of an hour Maggie was able to lead our group session in what seemed initially like abstract exercises into formulating a vision statement and an action plan that made sense. You could feel the light bulbs going off in the room — it was quite exciting. I can attest that while it was tough work, her workshop received rave reviews from people who were able to identify the start of a new career path in just 60 minutes. I can only imagine what working in one-on-one setting with Maggie Mistal would be like in terms of opening up new and exciting possibilities to career changers — or to people who want to do more on the path they are currently on!”

“I have listened to Maggie Mistal on Martha Stewart Radio for a good amount of time now, and always soaked in all the information she has provided to individuals like myself in the working world…her inspiration, thoughts and ideas have made me see that anything is possible in life! I have never heard someone more knowledgable, inspiring, and “so real” about individuals dreams they may want to pursue in life, work or their future! Thank you Maggie for making “my dreams come true”, and giving me the strength and power to achieve a new goal…!”

“I had Maggie share her presentation, “Maximizing the Power of Your Network” with our students in the Spring semester of 2009. With today’s economy, students need to use all the tools at their disposal to secure the right job. Maggie was able to show how to use your network, what steps to take to nurture your network and how to overcome obstacles that might get in the way. She clearly demonstrated her expert knowledge of the subject in a way that students could grasp. Her approach got the audience participating and asking questions almost from the outset and she stayed after the formal remarks to help students on a one-on-one basis. Feedback from students was outstanding. I heartily recommend Maggie and look forward to having her back on campus soon.”

It was great being on your show. You’re a gracious hostess.

“Maggie is a supportive, enthusiastic and creative professional coach. She helped my career grow in my desired time frame by giving me challenging and fun exercises, and providing thoughtful insight based on her experience and expertise. While I was looking for “a job”, Maggie helped me find a career that combines all my interests. I would recommend Maggie Mistal’s coaching or workshops to anyone interested in real professional and personal growth.”

“I consider Maggie my go-to for career focus and inspiration. As a faciltator of training classes for financial services professionals, I have invited Maggie to speak several times. After her presentation, I can see the wheels turning behind everyone’s eyes! I have referred several clients her way and have also called on her to help me personally. I am a regular listener to her radio show as I know I will get at least one little nugget of useful and “ready-to-wear” advice each week. Maggie’s cabaret show inspired me to write my dream on paper and make it happen, this year. Thanks for everything, Maggie!”

I love your show on Sirius!!! You cover great topics!

“Maggie is great! When you work with Maggie, she focuses completely on you as an individual and has sincere devotion to helping you. Maggie’s efforts are continuous and I highly recommend her!”  

"We invited Maggie to speak at our bi-annual networking event for Women InTechnology. The feedback I received from every attendee was tremendous.Maggie is an exceptional speaker. But more importantly, many women came upto me afterwards and commented that the mini-workshop Maggie walked usthrough was very valuable and insightful. Its great to be entertained andMaggie was very entertaining, but when your attendees walk away withvaluable tools to apply immediately to their every day lives — that is whatleaves a lasting impression. Thank you Maggie for inspiring Women InTechnology!"

"You did a great job. That was the best audience participation I’ve ever seen at any presentation I’ve been to. Again, please know how much Gail, Tara, the AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) and I appreciated your participation."

"I highly recommend Maggie as a Career Coach. I had the good fortune to hire Maggie late in 2008 and she quickly helped me identify my strengths and passions. She is masterfully skilled at pushing me just hard enough to achieve my dreams without pushing too hard. Thanks to Maggie I am well on my way to my ideal career less than four months after hiring her.” 

I am such a fan of your radio show.

"You are so good at what you do! Working with someone who has CLEARLY found her direction in work and in life is so inspiring. You pushed me when I needed to be pushed, but – for me – the fact that you made me give MYSELF a break when I was beating myself up, was probably the most helpful. This coaching experience was a major turning point in my life and I feel like, with respect to my outlook on my career, I am a totally different person than I was a year ago when we first spoke. Hiring you as a career coach has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.”

Thank you for inviting me! I had a wonderful time and loved talking with you. Invite me back anytime!

"My experience with Maggie helped me to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Her dedication, insights, and suggestions enabled me to realize the direction I want to take my career. She provides invaluable advice that has truly helped me to see my vision and make that vision a reality. Maggie fulfilled and exceeded my highest expectations for this process. ”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me to be on your very informative talk show "Making a Living." I was enthralled with the content and watching you excite the audience and their participation was inspiring.

“Maggie has provided excellent services to more than one company with which I’ve been associated. She has provided excellent management coaching and training for one of the firms that I’ve run and was selected to provided career and management coaching to the full senior management team there as well as select high potential candidates. Maggie’s skill and style are excellent. She provides the perfect balance between career coach and management mentor. She guides, facilitates, and helps people aquire the skills and capabilities to be successful. I wholeheartedly endorse Maggie. She brings a level of professionalism and effectiveness to the career and management coaching arena that is outstanding."

I love Listening to your show.

 "You had such a knack for honing in on what I was looking for, figuring out different careers that fit and great suggestions on what to do in the meantime, not to mention [you were] quite motivating to talk to as well!”

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