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Five Elements Personality Pattern Assessment

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A Five Elements Personality Pattern Assessment offers unique added insight into the right career path for you.  Based on birthdate, the pattern validates your main personality, your unique career gifts as well as highlights aspects of your age and stage of career.  Clients have experienced increased confidence , they have also found that the personality assessment replays in their minds, giving them fresh perspective on their goals and challenges.  Clients have found the patterns ring true and many experience a-ha moments as they learn their patterns.  Experience the benefits of  a changed attitude, widened perspective, and raised awareness of who you are, purchase your Personality Pattern Assessment today!

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Purchase your Personality Pattern Assessment today and align you career with who you really are!  A great compliment to your Soul Search, Research and Job Search, with your purchase you will receive:

  • a one hour session to learn your pattern, and
  • a full write up sent afterwards via email.

In this assessment you will get an understanding of the elements of your:

  • Main Personality
  • Career Gifts
  • Your Inner Child (behavior patterns when stressed), and
  • Characteristics of your age and stage of life and career.

Also included are ways for you to maintain balance and effectively deal with challenges given your unique personality pattern.    Listen here for more on the how the Five Elements Personality Pattern is determined. A key element to your ideal career, find out your unique personality pattern today!




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