Career Coincidences: Signs you’re on the path to your ideal career 

Career Coincidences: Signs you’re on the path to your ideal career  Feel you’re not in the right career?  Listen in and learn the signs to look for so you can get on the path to your dream job. 

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  1. Familia

    a man has not lived unless he dies full from life (as in full from a big meal . If he dies tired of life he has not lived.It took me a long time to fguire this out but I now believe that to be a true person you have to be happy with yourself and what you do (whatever that might be). If you are not comfortable in your own skin and you are not doing things that bring you joy, you are doing both yourself and the world a disservice. I believe the true fallacy of modern society is the belief that with wealth comes happiness. If that were true the number of people with depression and the frequency of suicide would go up the poorer the country got. In reality it is the other way around. As modern society has made work easier we have fallen into a trap in which we believe work is the way to happiness while in reality work for most people is the way to frustration, failing health and ultimately misery. Of course there are people who love their work but they are in the minority.The key is what sets those people apart from the rest: The people who truly love what they do, who take joy out of everyday life, are people who made choices based on what would make them happy rather than what would make them rich.My father always says you should do what makes you happy as long as you don’t hurt anyone else or youself. It is what I live by and it works.

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