Do Work You Love & The Money Will Follow (Salary Negotiation Tips from Money Expert Jean Chatzky)

Making career choices based on money?  That has its benefits and its costs.  Listen in and learn how to have the career you love and the money too.  I interview Jean Chatzky, Host of Her Money podcast who took a paycut to follow her passion as did I. Hear Jean’s advice on how to find money to start a business and the best ways to negotiate salary.

Also hear why love is the difference maker when it comes to career success.  I share ways to have great love for your career.  Its your turn to do work you love. We walked away from the money to do work we loved and success has followed.  Find out how you can too!

Check out this episode!

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  1. sghosh

    Money is important and also job security is also important. because we are doing job to earn some money, a job can trust which can give a career graceful in the future.

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