Interview Etiquette – When to Ask About Salary


Recently I was interviewed on Headline News about a viral news story about a woman who was dropped from an interview process because she asked about salary.  Listen to what I shared on HLN about the story via the audio clip in the second half of the podcast below (and view the video clip here).

Money is one of the 9 areas I help people gain clarity about when I take them through my Soul Search, Research and Job Search process.  Money is a motivator but it’s not the only one and if you’ve only been thinking “show me the money” when it comes to jobs, you’re missing out on being fulfilled by your work.

Feeling the love from our work is crucial. And in the podcast above you’ll also hear from a real person who gets more than just money rewards at work, she feels the love too.  She gets to work at a place where coworkers feel like family, where they genuinely appreciate and value one another and where they’re experiencing great success.  Sound like a dream?  It’s not.  It’s reality Ronna Vigil shares the ways she’s created the loving environment in which she’s worked for the past 10 yrs.  Listen in and find the love in your work today!

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Check out this episode!

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