The Truth Behind Non-Profit Careers

A non-profit career may be the route to go if you want more meaning and purpose in your work. Before you make the leap, do your Research by listening in.  Victoria Crispo, Manager of Career Content at busts common myths about non-profits including–you have to start over to move from corporate to non-profit & non-profits don’t pay.  Find out the facts with useful resources including this site which shows non-profit reports showcasing each organization’s finances, mission and programs. Hiring managers expect candidates to read the one for their organization.  Victoria also shares her favorite non-profit career transition success stories which you can read more about here:

Check out this episode!

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  1. Jason Santiago

    Thanks for sharing your insight! I love how your blog is more focused on listening rather than reading. I have experience in working for a non-profit org and let me tell you, it was very rewarding but it came to a point wherein I needed to look for a profession that provides a more financially-comfortable lifestyle and in line to what I studied back in college. I do still see myself working for one again in the future. again, thank you for the tips!

  2. George Hudson

    Working in non-profit is really good because it gives you happiness which you wont get working for other organizations. I’m sure everyone would want to work for at-least a year or 2 in non-profit organizations.

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