Visioning: How It Works & Why It’s Crucial To Your Career To Do Now

Hope is not a method.  The secret to getting what you want is to envision it.  Listen in for specific tips on how visioning works (to your benefit) and how you can write one now that connects you to the life and career you want.  Maggie also shares a special offer you can take advantage of to stay inspired all year through.

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  1. Matt Haze

    The last 45 minute idea is great! One of the last things a friend of mine does is write the first 1-2 lines of his journal entry he’s going to write the next morning. That way it ponders in his head overnight and he already has a start the next morning. Great idea.

  2. Maggie

    Glad to hear that Matt. Love the idea you shared too. Have to try writing out the first two lines for the following day. Talk about getting a head start!

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