Amplify Your Personal Brand with These Expert Tips

Want lasting career success and fulfillment? Then get ready to make decisions from inspiration rather than fear especially when it comes to managing your personal brand. Now is the time to move beyond limited thinking and open up to expanded career possibilities. Wayne Dyer said it best, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  In this episode, we’ll change and expand your perspective on your personal brand.

To help, my guest is author and Executive Branding and Reputation Management Specialist, Lida Citroen. She says, “Everyone has a personal brand. By design or by default.”

Knowing how to manage your personal brand is highly relevant today for not newly minted college and high school graduates and experienced professionals as well as our service men and women.  And in today’s information age, managing your career data online is an important component to managing your brand. Don’t miss this month’s career tip with the key steps you need to download and save your LinkedIn data.

Share this episode with others who’s brands could use a makeover and listen in for insights, lessons and stories to make your brand authentic, strong and sustainable!

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  1. marcy

    Enjoyed listening! I am definitely building my brand to be authentic and helpful to all:). Your podcasts continue to inspire me and push me forward:)

    1. Maggie Mistal

      Congratulations Marcy – building a brand to be authentic is a definitely a success factor. Love and all you are doing there to help people build healthy bodies and minds.

  2. Sanjay

    Thank you Maggie!
    enjoyed listing and started building my brand. This is the first time I heard, your podcast inspired me

    1. Maggie Mistal

      Glad you enjoyed listening Sanjay and found my podcast inspired you. All the best with building your brand. Remember to have fun and be authentic!

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