Understand Your Work Values & Land Your Dream Job

On my SIRIUSXM show Making a Living, I was always interested in the questions and comments of my listeners.  On one show about work-life , a caller brought up the question of work values.  (Click on my radio page to listen to my show in podcast form.)

Work values are the rewards we get from our work. For example, if you value creative expression, you might really enjoy a career that involves design and seeing your finished product on store shelves.  It’s these values that get us out of bed in the morning, excited for the work day ahead.

To figure out your top values, it helps to use an exercise like this WORK VALUES exercise.  It’s similar to the exercise I use with my clients. To get a copy of my worksheet, contact me and let me know more about your specific career needs and goals.  This way I can support you in the best way possible.

If you’ve been feeling less than excited about work lately, chances are your work values are not being met. Most of us haven’t formally examined or soul searched to know what really motivates us.  We assume that more money or a bigger title will make us more motivated when time freedom or a feeling of helping others might better do the trick.

To me work values are a great litmus test of job satisfaction.  I used my top values as a test when deciding to become a career coach.  My highest priorities were independence, helping others, time freedom, location, and exercising competence.  Now 13 years later, I get those and more from the work I do.  I’m motivated and excited to help people Soul Search, Research and Job Search their way into ideal careers.

What would you like more of in your job?  Advancement? Excitement? Creativity?  Share your work values here and let me know what your top priorities are.  It will help you become one of those people who look forward to Mondays!  

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