Day in the Life of a Digital Nomad

Good endings make good beginnings.  Don’t miss the 3 things you’ll want to celebrate to end the year on a high note and set yourself up to live the life you’re dreaming of in 2020.

If one of your dreams is to be a digital nomad, listen in and live vicariously through Ann Davis, an experienced digital nomad who’s company Venture With Impact is the one I’m partnering with for 2nd annual career exploration retreat in Lisbon.  Hear from Ann both the benefits and challenges of being a digital nomad and how you can create your own location independent experience.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Read my comments in this recent New York Post article: “Workers are consciously uncoupling from their jobs in unusual ways”

Also in this episode predictions for 2020 and what we have to look forward to including more work life balance.  And as always, a quote to keep you inspired and in the proper success mindset.  Don’t forget to share the best career advice you’ve ever received in the comments below.  Happy Holidays and here’s the celebrating and making a great living together!


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