A Better Way To Job Search: Network to Create A Pipeline of Career Opportunities

Experiencing frustrations in your research or job search?  In this episode hear from Danny Groner a recent job seeker who in 17 weeks created 2 new job opportunities, countless freelance gigs and added 400 quality contacts to his network by having informational interviews & coffee meet ups.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Where to find contacts to expand your network with people who can hire you,
  • How to overcome obstacles to your job search, and
  • Strategies to make yourself uniquely suited for the job.

Also hear this month’s career tip on how to create a real magic wand to solve your career woes.

Forbes.com recent article by Jack Kelly entitled, “We Need to Talk About the Mental and Emotional Anguish Faced by Job Seekers” paints a bleak picture for the traditional job seeker.  Thankfully, in this episode, you’ll hear a better way to create a pipeline of career opportunities, one based on human interaction, with lots of opportunity for conversation and feedback where the job seeker feels uplifted and in demand. Listen in and make a great living!

Check out this episode!

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