Finding Joy In Your Career is Not a Luxury

Spending time doing what you love is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s how the best in their fields got to where they are today — just ask Deepak Chopra. I did. I interviewed him on Making a Living and he fervently said he will NOT do an activity if it doesn’t bring him JOY. Think it’s too risky or unrealistic for you to do the same? Think again.

If you truly want success, if you want to reach the heights of your potential, can you really afford to waste precious time on activities that suck the life out of you? You can make conscious choices and better focus your efforts. To help, here are some productivity tips from another guest on my show, Mitzi Weinman, founder of

Don’t just plan, anticipate.

Planning your day with a classic to do list is good but if you want to be most productive, you need to anticipate what could pop-up. For instance, for every meeting on your calendar, plan time before for preparation and after for follow-up. Unplanned tasks may land on your plate and if you leave space for them, you won’t feel stretched for time.

Work from top to lowest priority.

If you get the most important tasks out of the way early in your day, you’ll not only feel more accomplished, but also more comfortable leaving the office at day’s end.

Schedule meetings later in the day.

Meetings can be productive but that time is best spent later in the day according to Mitzi. She recommends using your energy wisely by setting aside morning time for strategic or creative activities that require a lot of thought.

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