Get Your (Career) Power Back

“Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.” – Seneca

Too many people are feeling powerless when it comes to their career choices.  They will say things like:

  • “I don’t like my job but I’m afraid I won’t find anything better (with equal pay and benefits).”
  • “There’s so much competition. I don’t know how to convince someone to hire me.”
  • “I’d love to have better work/life fit but my job (and my employer) are too demanding.”

At the root of these woes isn’t a “bad economy” or “a tough interview” or “a difficult boss”, it’s a lack of knowing your true value, your core genius.  

Understanding Your Core Genius

We each possess a unique package of skills, talents, interests, & experiences that makes us the perfect fit for the roles/careers we are here to play.  When you work from your core genius, people respect and value your efforts, you’re paid well, opportunities find you.   It’s simple but it’s not easy.  To get to your core genius, you need to Soul Search, Research and Job Search with the proper Mindset.  Taking the perspective that you were built this way for a reason and then making that approach the focus of your career is very powerful.  I’ve seen several clients win recognition awards at their employers garnering raises and promotions and new opportunities when they realized their core genius and put it to use.  And they did this in the very same economy at the same type of employers everyone else complains about.

Commanding Your Value

Unsure of their core genius, most people would never say during an interview– “[Mr/Ms. Employer], what makes you good enough for me?”  However, when that conversation doesn’t happen, it can set you off on a path of pleasing someone else, rather than pleasing yourself.  Many clients have come to me feeling resentful and unfulfilled after giving too many years to a job and employer they didn’t like in the first place.  Unfortunately, they can’t get back the lost time but they and you can command value starting today with three simple steps.

3 Steps to Getting Your Career Power Back:

  1. Soul Search & get clear on your core genius.  My new Soul Search workbook includes all the exercises I use along with my coaching commentary to help you see the value you’re bringing to the world.
  2. Research to understand the match between your core genius and what the world needs.   My new Research workbook includes strategies for gathering information and testing out new career possibilities that better leverage your core genius and command better value for your time and talents.
  3. Job Search with confidence knowing that your core genius is the gift you’re here to give the world.  My new Job Search workbook includes exercises to define your ideal job description so you can have a more productive conversation during your next interview about the ways you can be of service to the employer and how they can be of service to you.

Contact me to find out more or purchase my Soul Search, Research and Job Search workbooks. 


Level the playing field.  You’re not at the whim of the world.  You’ve got an important, necessary and very valuable contribution to make with your career. Know in your heart that you have a core genius and know in your mind that the world needs you to put it to practical use now!


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