Moving Forward in Times of Uncertainty

We are experiencing an unprecedented time – a situation impacting us all, globally.  It times of uncertainty, I’m here to a be a bridge for you to move forward and stay inspired.  So in honor of Women’s History Month, this episode features the amazing story of McKenna Haase–a young woman following her heart, changing lives and being a mentor for the next generation of racers on and off the track.  Check out the full episode of This Racing Life featuring McKenna.

I’ll also be sharing a message of reassurance from a physician that I know and sharing resources to support your career (links below).  Stay inspired and stay well – and take advantage of the discount offered by our fitness sponsor!*

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Check out this episode!

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  1. Marcy Yurick

    Great interview Maggie and enjoy your words of encouragement🙏❤️

    1. Maggie

      Thanks Marcy! Appreciate you listening. Happy to be a source of encouragement for you. We are here for each other and will get through this.

  2. Patrick Coglianese

    Great interview! What a bright and well grounded young lady McKenna is. I love hearing stories of young people whom are so impactful and humble. Thanks and thank you for all you do!

    1. Maggie

      Thanks Patrick. Great point! McKenna is impactful and humble and so inspiring because of it. Thank you for all you do to too – to help us all stay healthy!

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