7.2% unemployment: How You Can Still Find a Job (Tune into CNN today from 1-3pm est)

The Labor Department released a lower than expected jobs report today which is relatively good news. The challenge is that the national unemployment rate rose to 7.2%, affecting a majority of states, metropolitan areas and most major industry sectors.

Yet all is not lost. You can still find a job in slowing economy and my clients are proving it. Here’s how:

Target your search. Most people’s reaction in a bad economy is to flood the market with resumes for any and all remotely-related jobs. Employers don’t want just anyone. They want people who can solve their problems. Research your employer to find out what challenges they are having that you can solve.
Revise your resume to clearly demonstrate results. Your resume should not just be a list of tasks and activities. Rather include how your efforts saved the company money, or got results faster. It will show you add value to the bottom line with your work.
Don’t be afraid to go after what you want. The statitics look bad and they are. However, my clients who are taking the steps above are finding and landing jobs even in industries where there are challenges. Industries are changing and jobs are changing yes but that doesn’t mean opportunities don’t exist. I realize it’s a challenge to do this on your own. If you’re looking for support in targeting your job search efforts, sign up for one of my upcoming teleclasses on taking action or finding your ideal career. You’ll get positive, pragmatic steps to move your career forward despite the tough economy.

Tune in today for my segments on CNN Newsroom with Kyra Phillips from 1-3pm eastern and submit your specific career questions via email. I’ll be responding to viewer emails throughout the show.

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