An Easier Way to Land Your Next Job


Landing your next great opportunity doesn’t need to involve an endless array of resume revisions, phone screens and interviews.

There is an easier quicker way using less official channels and Marci Alboher was on Making a Living with Maggie this week to share her insights on this back door approach. According to Marci, a regular New York Times Contributor and Author of Working the New Economy blog, some of the best job opportunities are landed through contacts made at social events where people share a common interest whether that be kayaking or poker. Because the activity isn’t work related, it gives people a chance to get to know each other’s interpersonal style which is key part of working well together.

Marci also stressed how important it is to become visible to your network for what you do best. To do that she suggested proactively looking for ways to help the people in your network using your expertise. For instance if you’re a graphic designer and learn about a friend’s new business venture, offer to help with some of the organization’s marketing materials. It’s an easy way to demonstrate your abilities to someone who could be in a position to hire you at some point. One word of caution, it “takes a longer courtship” as Marci puts it, to land a job in through unofficial channels. But considering that Marci landed a New York Times column through a monthly poker group of other journalists, it sounds like time well spent.

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You’ll also hear a very inspiring day in the life interview with Laura Howard. A former entertainment executive, Laura decided to combine her passion for food with her work and is now a very successful ice cream entrepreneur and founder of Laloo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream.

Here’s to you Making a Great Living!


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