Believe in Your Dreams Part 3 (Guest Blogger Kim Engler)

This the last of three guest posts on Believing In Your Dreams. This one comes from Kim Engler – my friend, colleague and vocal coach. She produced my cabaret shows (click here for a clip from my recent "Follow Your Dreams" show) and is the one who helped me find my voice. By day Kim is a media consultant, presently working in the fashion industry where she produces talent everyday. Here’s a Q&A from Kim to help you believe in your dreams.

Q: What are the key steps to believing in your dreams?

Practical willingness: self-inquiry and action based on what is appropriate for your life in the way it is right now
Encouragement: focusing on the practical reasons why your dream is possible and valuable
Constancy: ‘showing up’ and ‘being there’ in a consistent manor
Creative Support: discovering tools that help you to help yourself~ especially cultivating resilience, positive focus, awareness and flexibility
Practical Vision: focusing on the big picture, and taking your best steps, in your way, towards manifesting your dreams

Q: If you had to summarize, what key messages do you send to those whose dreams you are helping to cultivate?

Trust yourself!
Know yourself – better than anyone else (daily practice!)
Believe in yourself – and the ‘how’ will be revealed moment-to-moment
Develop your practical intuition = understand, identify and trust your ‘gut’

For more great advice and insight from Kim, look for coming soon or email her at

On this Thanksgiving holiday, I am very thankful to have the support of Kim and many others to make my dreams a reality. Perhaps there are people who have supported you.

Who’s helped you follow your dreams? Who might be in a position to support you in bringing your dreams closer to reality?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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