Career Secret #3: Trust Your Intuition

career_search_mindsetHave you used intuition in your life and career?

You can probably relate to gut feel – that sense in your stomach that something is on track or off.  Intuition is the thought, feeling, or both that instructs us to act, speak, listen (or not) in certain way.  Some people describe intuition as little whispers, but do you listen to yours?

If you’re not where you dreamed you’d be at this age and stage of your life, perhaps it’s time to trust your intuition:

  • What are your own whispers telling you?
  • Are you feeling encouraged to take a certain class or meet up with a certain contact?
  • Has a certain vision of your career been coming to mind lately?
  • Have you been noticing certain words and phrases are coming up over and over in your daily life?
  • Is there something that’s been in the back of your mind?

These are all ways your intuition is communicating with you.  Maybe it’s time to listen.

Intuition led me to my career as a coach.  I was unhappy living out of suitcase as a management consultant and wanted change.  My intuition led me to Body & Soul magazine and an ad in the back for the Life Purpose Institute caught my eye.  Did I know I was meant to be a career consultant?  No, but my intuition told me I needed a life purpose.

Now, intuition is what I use to serve my clients.

  • Intuition nudges me to reach out to my clients to check in with the right words of encouragement, the right ideas and contacts.  My clients respond by saying, “This is exactly what I needed.” and “Your timing is perfect” and “I was just thinking about you too.”
  • Intuition is also what comes to me during my coaching sessions when I help people Soul Search, Research and Job Search.  It helps me read the situation quickly, cut to the chase and offer up relevant career options and strategies.  People tell me, ” you have a way of getting to the heart of the matter.” They also ask me if I’m psychic.  I guess I am in a way because I’m listening to my intuition.

Want to try it out?  I’ll be co-hosting a Twitter chat on Intuition Sunday August 9th, 2015 from 9-10a ET.  The chat is called #SpiritChat and is hosted weekly by Kumud Ajmani.

twitter_logo_headerNever joined Twitter or a Twitter chat?

  • Start by going to and creating an account.  You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to but having a presence on social media can boost your career when used properly.
  • Log into Twitter at 9a ET on August 9th.  Type in #Spiritchat in the Twitter search field.  You’ll see a chain of tweets all including the hashtag #Spiritchat.  You’ll soon see questions labeled as Q1.
  • You can just watch and read as the chat progresses to Q2, etc. or weigh in with your own thoughts by tweeting.   Be sure to include A1 or A2 (whichever question you want to respond to) and add the hashtag #SpiritChat to the end of your tweet.
  • Keep your tweet to 140 characters or less.  Click on others’ tweets and you’ll see actions you can take like retweet or favorite or quote tweet if you want to comment on their comment.

IMG_8459My intuition tells me you’ll gain a lot from participating or even just peeking in on the chat.

 “Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer.” -Robert Graves


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  1. Sandra

    Wow, intuition, that small still voice we most times ignore. If only we can listen to our intuition. Some folks are so busy that they dont hear or feel their intuition. My intuition also led me to choose the job am doing today despite the fact that the initial pay was not good at all but today am enjoying, all because I listened and obeyed my intuition. What if I had turned deaf ear?

  2. Maggie

    Wow Sandra – so glad you had the courage to listen to your intuition!

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