Celebrate Your Independence by Doing Work You Love

I love the fourth of July – from barbecues to fireworks, its always a fun time.  On our nation’s birthday, few people are focused on their careers.  Rightfully so as this is a time to celebrate.  

But what if this 4th you not only celebrated our country’s independence from England but also your own independence from a boring dead-end job or career?

For inspiration, you need look no further than our founding fathers and in particular Ben Franklin.  A true renaissance soul, Ben Franklin was not only a statesman but an author, publisher and inventor.  Did you know he was also an advocate for literacy and responsible for founding the first public library?  You could even call him America’s first self-improvement guru with his catchy words of wisdom from his monthly tome, Poor Richard’s Almanac.

With so many different careers, Ben Franklin’s resume would today be labeled "scattered" by experts in resume writing and recruiting.   Who would want to hire such a flake?  Choose one path and stick to it would be the advice today.  

I couldn’t disagree more.

In today’s fast-paced, ever changing global economy, what’s needed are more innovative renaissance souls like Ben Franklin – people with ingenuity who are looking for new challenges to grow and learn and try new things.  In her book The Renaissance Soul Margaret Lobenstine advocates this approach and encourages the Jacks and Janes of all trades.  

Margaret was a guest on my SIRIUSXM radio show when her book first appeared. Her advice, "Don’t choose and forsake all your interests for just one career but find a way to have it all."  For example, I created what Margaret calls an umbrella career.  Under the "umbrella" of career consulting, I do lots of things from coaching to training to radio to TV, all under the auspices of career development.  Margaret has it all by taking a staged approach, opting for one career then the next.  So prior to becoming a career coach and author, Margaret enjoyed being a Bed & Breakfast owner. She’s probably onto her next renaissance career by now.  

Inspired to have it all? Learn more about this multiple careers approach.

If you’ve got lots of ideas on what you’d love to do with your career, don’t lament. Celebrate them and share them here & on my live radio show!  Call in and I’ll help you combine your interests into a unique and rewarding career.  Like Ben Franklin, Margaret, me and countless of my renaissance soul clients, you too can have it all!  Take it from Poor Richard, "You may delay but time will not" and get started on your dream careers today.  Happy 4th!

(Photos courtesy of the 2010 Macy’s Fireworks display as viewed from my iPhone and Flikr user jepsculpture.)

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