Get Organized and Get a Job

Recently I interviewed expert organizer Lisa Zaslow, founder of Gotham Organizers, on my SIRIUS XM radio show on the Martha Stewart Living Radio channel.  She shared practical advice to help us all be more productive, more organized and less stressed.  

In case you missed it, Lisa offers these tips to help you get better organized for your next job search…

  • Organize your materials by grouping similar types of items together so you can quickly find what you need.  Lisa suggests making filing names fun and inspiring. Instead of "references" use "fan club."  Label "resumes" as "my brilliant career."  
  • Organize your time by keeping track of appointments, scheduling things to do, and noting times to follow-up with people.  Lisa recommends some form of calendar, electronic organizer or day planner. Another great trip, rather than play phone tag, make scheduling easier by letting people know when you will be available.   When scheduling activities, be realistic about how long things take and what you can accomplish rather than overextending yourself.  
  • Organize your workspace by feeding your senses.  From fresh flowers, to a bowl or M&Ms to photos of your smiling nieces, anything you put in your space should inspire you and lift your mood according to Lisa.  Even if your job hunt takes time and effort, you can have a workspace that energizes you. 

For more great tips, check out Lisa’s book, "Can’t I Just Shred It All? 101 Quick Tips to File and Find Your Important Papers."  Share your organizing tips below as well.  I welcome your comments and ideas!

Stay tuned to Making A Living with Maggie and learn something new when it comes to your career.  This week I’ll share strategies for managing your personal brand with author and consultant Catherine Kaputa. Hope you can join me Friday at 4pm ET/1pm PT SIRIUS 112/XM 157!


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