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Great – it’s a another beautiful summer day and you’re stuck at the office.  You want to take vacation but you’re not sure how you’ll get it by your boss.  Besides there’s so much work to be done – who’s going to keep all the "balls in the air" while you’re away?  You might be more depressed coming back to a pile of work than when you left. 

These are common concerns expressed by today’s highly productive (aka overstretched) worker.  But you don’t need to fall prey to them.   

There are ways you can get the time off you need to rest and recharge.  For my top tips pick up a copy of the July/Aug issue of Whole Living magazine on newsstands now.  Not only will you benefit but so will your boss — according to a study by New Zealand Air, workers coming back from vacation are 25% more productive than when they left!

For more career advice, check out my weekly post on the Whole Living Daily Blog.  This week, learn about some Surprising Findings on the Role of Women & Work.  Think the "gender barriers" have fallen?  Think again.

Post your comments here about career topics you’d like to learn more about.  Got a career question or are sick and tired of your job, I’m here to help whether it’s for you, a family member or a friend.  You can ask questions live on my SIRIUS XM radio show every Friday from 4-5p ET/1-2p PT at 1-866-675-6675.  This week, I’m joined by courage coach Margie Warrell best-selling author of Find Your Courage, 12 Acts of Becoming Fearless at Work and in Life.  

You deserve a career that makes you happy and satisfied. How can I help you make a great living? 


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