How DO You Land a Job in This Economy? (Stimulating Career Talk on the Bill Handel Show)

Bill Handel is known throughout Southern California for stimulating talk radio. When I made a return appearance on his show recently, he didn’t disappoint.  

Being a bit of a "realist", Bill had tough questions for me including:

  • Where are the jobs really? 
  • What do you do when an employer wants experience and all you have is education?
  • How do you stand out when resumes all look the same?
  • Doesn’t it take years to change careers? 

These are difficult challenges but I was more than happy to share real answers. Employers are posting job opening and opportunities for exciting new careers exist now.  But rather than focusing on "landing another job", I was emphatic with Bill and his listeners that it’s not enough.  

To succeed today, you’ve got to follow your heart to the paycheck.  To do that means targeting your job search with soul search first.  Getting clear on what you WANT to do, what you’re GOOD at, and how you WANT to put your skills to good use is not a nice to have, it’s a career survival strategy! Whatever career you go into is going to be demanding and you will need genuine enthusiasm to keep pace.  

For those concerned that a career change will take too long….in almost ten years of helping people change careers I have found the path is made of latent talents and interests.  Career possibilities and ideas that clients have been harboring for YEARS and even implementing for YEARS on the side or for friends, turn out to be their dreams jobs. They just needed to formalize them.  Chances are you may already be doing what you love to do, you’re just not getting paid for it (YET). 

LISTEN IN to my stimulating career conversation with Bill and weigh in below with your thoughts and ideas. What do you think is the best way to land a job in this economy? 

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