How to Gain Respect at Work

Do you feel respected by the people you work with?  Do you respect your boss?  What about your employer?

Being able to garner respect at work is one of those important intangibles that can make all the difference in your ability to get things done.  

Recently on my show “Making a Living with Maggie” on Martha Stewart Living Radio, I focused on specific steps to getting more respect with productivity expert Niyi Taiwo author of Respect: Gaining It and Sustaining It.  

Here’s what he had to say about gaining respect:

  • You must demonstrate respect for others if you want it for yourself.  Sounds simple but sometimes we don’t respect the people we have to work for and with.  What then?  Niyi’s advice – even if you can’t respect the person, respect the position.  Your boss deserves a certain level of respect just for being in the position.  If you can respect the role and the control he/she has over your job, you will act in a more respectful way and that can only help you garner more respect.
  • Be a performance employee.  According to Niyi, performing well consistently is key to sustaining respect. His definition of performance goes beyond being competent.  A performance employee is one who projects a positive attitude and finds the upside or opportunity in every challenge.  Performing well also entails energy and drive, understanding what motivates you and aligning your work with those values.

As Niyi points so aptly points out, “Success without respect if very hollow.”  It’s also more difficult because you don’t get the support you need from others.  

Try boosting your own levels of respect by finding ways to respect others and managing your own performance well.  And if you have more ideas on gaining and sustaining respect, share them.  I respect your opinion!


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