If others are living their dreams, why not you?

In the quest for the ideal career, many people find it inspiring to read about others who’ve achieved this seemingly impossible dream.

My question is always, "If others are living their dreams, why not you?" Rather than getting angry or frustrated or jealous because someone has an interesting job, the perfect schedule, plenty of vacation time, great compensation; why not instead see it as a signal that this is a possibility for you too?

In a new book called, "How’d you score that gig?" Alexandra Levit interviewed more than 100 people in their dream jobs to see what got them there. She found persistence was a very important trait.

I would add "belief in their dreams" as another key trait of people I’ve coached who’ve made it to their ideal careers. No matter what naysayers or even their own inner critic told them, it was their own belief in the dream that kept them persistently focused on achieving it.

I count myself as one of those people in their ideal career. And still "Believe in your dreams" is the message that I put on my mobile phone so that everytime I turn it on, that’s what I see.

We all need to be reminded that dreams do come true, if for others why not you?

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