Life-Changing Attitude Adjustments from Dr. Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer Dec 2002 copyThe world lost an influential leader recently –not one that appeared on the news or held a high position in government or business–but one who shared inspiring ways to get what you want out of life.  Dr. Wayne Dyer was a best-selling author, speaker and teacher who’s myriad of books, speeches and even his movie helped me and so many others have a healthy and productive mindset.

To me, he was a mentor and my heart fell at the news of his passing.  I was at first surprised at how sad I felt.  Then it hit me.  Wayne Dyer’s teachings had influenced and empowered me to become the person I am today.  Many of the philosophies, attitudes, approaches and mindset techniques I employ in my life, I had picked up over the years from Wayne Dyer.

I was introduced to Dr. Dyer’s book Your Erroneous Zones almost 20 years ago (It was written 20 years before that).  But the lessons are still so relevant today including how to let go of guilt and worry, how to stop approval seeking, etc..  The book was life changing for me and was a gift from my then boyfriend, now husband.  It helped he and I form a solid connection of beliefs about how life can be lived to the fullest.

We saw Wayne Dyer speak in New York several times.  I remember taking copious notes and feeling a new “a-ha” ever few minutes.  I purchased his books including Ten Secrets for Success and Inner Peace and his CD on Meditations for Manifesting.

Maybe you’ve never heard of Wayne Dyer before.  Maybe his lessons haven’t made their way into your life.  If so, it’s not too late to experience the insights he so freely shared.  Here are the top lessons (many I am still working on) I learned from Wayne Dyer. I share these as a tribute and thank you for the quality of life he continues to help me have to this day.

  1. Don’t die with your music still inside you.  Your gifts are meant to be shared and shared now.  There are no guarantees.  We have no idea how long we have on this earth.  It’s imperative that you remember you are mortal and each day is precious.  Don’t spend your life playing by other people’s rules because that’s what you’re supposed to do.  On your death bed, you be at peace only when you become what you came here to be.
  2. It’s better to be kind than right.   Our ego wants us to win the argument.  Yet in efforts to be right, we often damage our relationships with others.  Let go of your need to be the victor in every argument.  Instead, focus on the person or people you are speaking to and choose kindness.
  3. You can’t get enough of what you don’t need.  If there is a food, drink or activity that you can’t stop yourself from getting more of, then it’s not good for you or your health.  It’s a simple yet effective way to steer clear of damaging substances, people, situations, etc.
  4. When you squeeze an orange, what do you get?  Orange juice of course.  When you get squeezed in a tense situation, what comes out?  If anger, resentment, ugliness, violence, etc come out when you’re squeezed, it’s a wonderful reminder to focus on letting go of all the negative and filling yourself with love and loving thoughts.  What a powerful reason to take great care of yourself and your own needs so that you can be  loving to others no matter what the circumstances.
  5. Believing is seeing.  Many of us wait for proof before we’ll believe something.  Yet in the world of inspiration, its you who must first believe in something for it to become a reality.  I remember holding on tight to this mantra when my son was born 3 months premature.  I focused constantly on believing he would be alright.  It wasn’t always easy but I knew to give my son the best chance, I had to believe in order to see him thrive.  Thankfully today he is a thriving four year old and that miracle I attribute to all the love and belief in his success that I and others held for him (and continue to).  And I definitely will encourage my son to read these two amazing children’s books by Dr. Dyer: Incredible You and Unstoppable Me.

IMG_8746IMG_8747For more on Wayne Dyer, I encourage you to check out his Facebook page.  Reading the comments of those he impacted will also give you a sense for who he was.  I also want to leave you with one more sentiment….

May you have all green lights.

In life, we can feel thwarted at times by challenges or obstacles.  That’s why I love this visual, this metaphor of seeing all green lights.  As you move down the road of life, imagine that you see all green lights ahead of you and feel how peaceful and easy it is to move through your day.  It was something I remember Wayne Dyer wishing for his audiences, that we would have all green lights and it is a wish I pass onto you.

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