More Great Career Advice from The Olympics

Here are a few more of my favorite moments from the XXIX Summer Olympic Games and the lessons we can apply to our own lives and careers….

"I said I’d try to get a medal and hopefully it’d be a gold one." According to, that’s what Michael Phelps said to Stevie Hansen, a promising young swimmer diagnosed with cancer who had reached out to Phelps. Michael sent gifts and made trips to see Stevie, even attending a swim meet to cheer on the little boy. Michael said he was honored to be looked up to by someone like Stevie.

It’s amazing that behind the scenes, behind all the fame – success is a team effort. Michael Phelps was motivated not only by the desire to break records and become the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time but also by a young boy’s last wish.

"Don’t put an age limit on your dreams" – inspiring words of advice from Dara Torres, 41 year-old mom and the oldest swimming medalist in history. I wanted to highlight Dara’s story for anyone feeling it’s too late or they’re too old to follow their dreams.

Believe it or not, you might be getting even better with age. According to, Torres started her Olympic career at the 1984 games in Los Angeles but her most successful Olympics didn’t come until 20 years later in Sydney in 2004. And when she’s been retired from swimming, Dana Torres has also successfully transferred her skills into sports broadcasting and modeling.

What lessons are you taking away from these amazing athletes and their stories? Who’s inspired you to go beyond your limits and achieve what’s never been done before?

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