New Grad? No Job? No Problem.

Its graduation time for college seniors across the nation and according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, companies plan on hiring 19% more new grads this year than last.

But what if you’re not a graduate with healthy job prospects?  Worse, what if you’re a parent who’s son or daughter is graduating with debt but without a job?

Don’t despair.  Opportunities to gain not only work experience for your resume but also critical, real world business skills and knowledge while getting paid are there if you know where to look.

The secret is “crowdfunding” – pooling resources from a network of people for a project and Laura Vanderkam outlines how it can work for grads in her recent USA Today column.

I have to agree with Laura that there’s no better time to take a risk and pitch a project than when you are 22. Many famous people got that way by putting themselves and their ideas “out there” (See When They Were 22 by Brad Dunn.)  With crowdfund websites like Kickstarter, that is easier now more than ever.

Check out Laura’s article and share your feelings on this new crowdfunding approach below.  It may just be your ticket to an even better career than corporate could offer!

College grads and their parents are welcome to call into my SiriusXM show, Fridays 4-5p ET/1-2p PT SiriusXM 110 at 866-675-6675.  And for more inspiration to take smart career risks, watch this recent commencement address from Denzel Washington!

Put your future in good hands – your own.” ~Author Unknown


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