Saying No the Good So You Can Say Yes to the Great

Where are you settling for good?  Might there be a way to combine your passions or add in new talents to your existing job or business so you can have a unique and highly successful niche?  Might it be time for you to reinvent into a brand new field, one that you’ve been dreaming of? 

The time is now!  You can have a great career, you just have to Soul Search, Research and Job Search to know what that looks like and go in with the right mindset –one of abundance and possibility.  Not scarcity and lack. 

Here are some resources to help you go from Good to GREAT:

  • A real life success story of good to great: My client Mary felt the fear but moved forward anyway and is getting promoted in a time when most people are just happy to have a job.  Read her inspiring story on my career advice blog.
  • Atlanta Falcon Tim Green didn’t just stop with an NFL career, he’s since become a New York Times Best-Selling author.  Hear his career change story live on my radio show today (9/28).  You can tune in at 5p ET/2p PT using this free trial of SiriusXM.
  • Joe (a plumber) and AnnMarie (a secretary) turned their layoffs into an opportunity to pursue a career dream – their own food truck.  Now the owners of La Bella Torte, Joe and AnnMarie share how they did it.  Also on my SiriusXM radio show today! 
  • My FaceBook fan page has the Soul Search questions that I use with my coaching clients.  Check them out you too can get answers to define your GREAT career. 

Jim Collins, legendary author of Good To Great, said it best:
“Those who strive to turn good into great find the process no more painful or exhausting than those who settle for just letting things wallow along in mind-numbing mediocrity. Yes, turning good into great takes energy, but the building of momentum adds more energy than it takes out.”  Get more inspiring good to great quotes and move forward with your ideal career.

Always follow your dreams!

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