Taking Action with Your Career

When you take action with your career, it’s amazing the results you can achieve. Whether you agree with Barack Obama’s politics or not, he’s someone who’s succeeded in following his dream. Here’s what we can learn from his approach to achieve our dreams too:

Step One: Define your platform – If you want to change careers or land a new job, write out your ideal job description. You are 3 times more likely to achieve your goal when you write it down. If you’re not sure of the best career, register for my Veteran’s Day Webinar on Nov 11th at 12pm eastern. In one hour, I’ll help you identify your unique talents and uncover new possibilities for your career. Part of the proceeds will benefit veterans. Reserve your webinar seat now at: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/421225017

Step Two: Campaign – Tell others what you are looking for and why you’d be a great fit. Develop your elevator pitch and communicate it. You are 10 times more likely to achieve your dream when you share it.

Step Three: Get support – Surround yourself with people who are following their dreams like the guests I have on my radio show. It’s truly contagious. Every Wednesday tune in to Making a Living at 4pm eastern on SIRIUS 112 and XM 103 and get the inspiration you need to go after what you want.

You have the power. You have control over what happens in your career. Just like President-elect Obama, you can do what others say can’t be done. You can take action with your career.

What is the next step to move forward with your career? Do you have ideas and plans? What dream would you love to see come true? Yes you can!

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