Thanks For The Memories

After six years, it’s time for Making A Living with Maggie to find a new home. Unfortunately my radio show is no longer being carried by SiriusXM due to major restructuring of the Martha Stewart Radio channel. It was a surprise because my show was popular and had advertisers.  Nevertheless I am on the hunt for a new home be it FM/AM, Internet/podcast, TV or some other medium (I just found out my How To Interview video on YouTube went viral & has over 1.2 million hits!)

I’m Soul Searching on it at the moment, taking my own advice.  But I didn’t want this moment to pass without acknowledging all those who have helped make my show a success (saying thank you to those who’ve helped you is also advice I often share.)


  • I want to thank all the loyal listeners and callers for tuning in.  Your questions and comments both on air and off made for rich career conversations.  Thank you for your recent show of support as well, offering to write letters to Martha Stewart Living Radio and SiriusXM on my behalf (click on the links to make a comment on each company’s respective Facebook page).  Knowing my show has helped you/your careers emboldens me to continue getting the message out there that it is possible to Soul Search, Research, & Job Search into work you love!
  • Thank you to my inspired guests who openly shared the ups and downs of their career stories so that others could benefit.  I’m honored to have interviewed the likes of Deepak Chopra, Martina Navratilova, Bob Barker, Dilbert Creator Scott Adams, Patricia Heaton, Barbara Corcoran, Sally Field and Martha herself as well as industry experts like Sandy Abrams, Keith Ferrazzi, Cali Yost, Marci Alboher, Lindsey Pollak, Craig Zabransky, Dan Schawbel, Jonathan Fields, Mark Babbit, Sree Sreenivasan, Gretchen Rubin, Miriam Salpeter & many others.  (For a complete list of past guests and their latest advice visit my radio page.)
  • Thank you to my radio producers Marcy Yurick and Lauren Gould & sound engineer Chris Hauselt. Special thanks to Samara Lenga my first producer/engineer for getting Making A Living with Maggie off the ground.
  • Many thanks to Nicole Williams for suggesting I pitch a show to Martha Radio, to my former boss Ron Thomas for encouraging me to branch out careerwise, and to Cyndi Stivers for saying yes to my pitch & giving me the chance to live out a my dream to be a radio host. Many thanks to broadcasting executive Liz Aiello for recognizing the continued value of career conversation on air.
  • Thank you to my show sponsors and advertisers like Deluxe Corp. Your support has enabled people to follow their passions to new business ventures.

When one door closes, another opens.  Though disappointed that my time on Martha Stewart Living Radio and SiriusXM have come to a close, I welcome the opportunity to reach even more people through new channels be it FM, AM, Internet radio, podcasts, TV, video, or something better.

Thank YOU for reading this post!

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