The Importance of Saying Thank You

Thank you to those of you who nominated me for Live with Regis & Kelly’s Radio Co-Host For a Day.  Monday August 9th 9am is when the top 10 nominees will be announced on the show. If/when I’m in that group, voting begins and runs until 9pm ET Wed Aug 11th.  I will send reminders as the date approaches.

While I hope to move onto the next round, I realized that I’ve already received so much from so many of you.

Thank you to those who told me I’d be a great fit for show. Your testimonials touched my heart.  It was scary to put myself out there as I’m not a “contest person” per se but hearing your kind words made it all worth it.  Thank you to those who took the time – I know the nomination process was arduous.

I will keep you posted on whether I move onto the next step or not but already you’ve reminded me how important it is to thank those who help us.  It made me think – if anyone has helped you, they would LOVE to hear about it.

Believe me.

Write an email, send a letter, make a call.  They would appreciate knowing they’re appreciated.  Thank those who’ve helped you get you to where you are today.

Consider this me getting the ball rolling by thanking all of you for your support!

(Photo courtesy of Woodleywonderworks)



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